GASP! ’24′ & Jack are BACK?

You got a problem? Jack will SOLVE/END YOU.

All fellow ’24′ and Jack Bauer and fans who enjoy to have their hearts beating out they chest on a week 2 week basis, there is some GASP-worthy news vis a vis this show again.

Fox executives said Monday that its drama “24″ is returning next May for a limited run that will stretch into the summer. The adventure series with Kiefer Sutherland starring as Jack Bauer ended its original run in 2010.

Awwww yeaaaaa SON. Time to fire up some old clips on YouTube, re-watch the series that are streaming on Netflix, or better yet, go out and celebrate like we all know how the REAL Jack aka Kieeefahhhh (in Babs from Teen Mom 2 voice) Sutherland does it up. Go big or go home, and my oh my does he like to go wickedddd hugeeeee. 

Get Jack Bauer some more Jack Daniels (double it pls)

The thought of this show even remotely coming back in movie form was considered a stretch and one could even give a retort such as “girllllllll pleazzzzzzzzz” and no one would bat an eyelash because of the veracity. But hey, it’s a comin and i’m a LIKIN.

When this baby is on FOX, don’t bother trying to contact me as I go “off the grid” to align with Bauer’s life…

God Speed, Angie Jolie!!

Lady Angie 2013

Us here at #GASPNation would like to give all of our support, prayers, and good karma over to Ms. Jolie-Pitt for having the courage in going through something that many would be scared silly in even contemplating it…

AJP ended up having a double-masectomy after discovering she cares this certain gene which increases the risk of eventually developing breast & ovarian cancer. Ugh and woof to that grim news. Can you ‘magine hearing that? 

She was quoted saying, “Once I knew that this was my reality, I decided to be proactive and to minimize the risk as much as I could.” 

Just a terrible realization but she did the right thing in getting this outta her system as quickly as poss. It’s great to see how often than not, women are so strong.

Go get ‘em Angelina…in the interim I will watch Tomb Raider 100x in a row in support

Buff Bills New GM? Did Titus Young Get Arrested (Development)?!?

Mehhh seeee

3rd time, lets do ittttttt

Quick NFL News & Notes for 5.13.13 

Buffalo:  The Buffalo Bills announced Monday that Buddy Nix stepped down from his role as Executive Vice President/General Manager and will transition to Special Assistant. The move comes just three weeks after team president Russ Brandon said, “Buddy Nix is our general manager and will be for a long time.”

Summary = Nix is a clown, not worthy of this title, Bills can do better than have him calling the shots

Detroit/STL/prison: Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Joe Balicki said the Lions’ 2011 second round draft pick allegedly attempted to break into a San Clemente home Friday night, then led deputies on a foot chase and engaged them in a fist fight before being arrested.

Summary = This guy needs some serious mental help. Lock him in a facility for weeks on end until he stops being a skell. He has the talent to be a fierce WR but nobody in the ‘show will wanna deal with these types of Tom Foolery. Cris Carter somewhere is screaming in his sleep “COME ONnNNnnNNn MAAAAAAnnnnnnnn”

Selena Gomez: “I’m single & available in every way”

Just like her song...come and get it

Just like her song…come and get it

Welp, who ever said Monday was no bueno? Well, they usually always are quite musty but this Monday packs a serious punch/wake-up call with this GASP-worthy news.

Not only is SGo in MeeAhhMee getting her tan & bikini-2step on & poppin’, she recently dropped the hammer about how she is single, no longer with the Biebs, and is obvi ready to move on to other potench dudes (spoiler alert: it’s me, so step off Leo…)

We all have been down this road before, and who knows how long this “break” will last, but the good news is that she’s moving on. Time to set the clocks ahead and get in the mix outside of the biebsworld.

Single Selena es mas fina.

Do More, Do Less, Do…Adequate Amount (Sports Version)

Do MORE:  Derrick Rose, Chitown Bulls

Simba with the ASSIST

Bulls nation cannot be salty about their teams performance YTD (year 2 date.) They had battled injuries from pretty much everyone who laced up their kicks this season at some point — laughing at notion of panic/stress that was staring them squarely in they grills. Aint no thanggggggg.

But now that they have advanced to rd 2, it’s time to put on the big-boy pants. It’s Win Or Go Home time of the year. This message cannot be any louder than the guy who is pictured above, their franchise, their MVP DReezy aka Derrick Rose.

The balla hasn’t played at all this season. Not a lick, not 1 min, nada. On equal footing as Andrew Bynum for the year…you never want to be lumped in the same PAGE let alone same sentence as that skell. But dude, you have a bulls-eye on ya back meow. He’s been medically cleared for MONTHS to this point. Not 1 day, multiple months. You see him practicing fully with Simba the team & not reporting any setbacks. He does pregame shooting and run-throughs. WHATCHA WAITING FOR??!!

Do More or else Chuck Barkley is gonna come for ya…

Do LESS:  Sidney Crosby, Pitts Pens


This guy makes my skin crawl, no other way around it.

Anyone shall admit how talented, gifted, truly special Sid The Kid is when he puts on his skates in the NHL. 0 doubt there, not looking to put any sorta doubt into that notion. 

My so-called “beef” with him is the amount of scoring and whining/soft serve he puts in at nightly basis, especially vs. my beloved NY eye-lin-derz in the current 1st round playoff series #1 vs #8 seeds. Of course he finds the perf timing to come back from his injury just as the Pens get in the mix with the Isles to have an immed impact on O. Scoring, assists, you name it. The guy is everywhere you turn with that musty face-mask of a helmet. Last night he almost single-handily could have bested los islanders with his stick skillz. No bueno to watch that ish, thats foshow. On top of that, he flops & cries after seemingly everytime he is touched — as if he think he be God on that ice. Nah Kid Sid, nah bro.

Pls Do Less in the scoring & salty dep’t.

Do…Adequate Amount:  Matt Harvey, NY Mets

Get the kid a napkin woodja?!?!

Think watching a .500 W% team is boring? Well GUESS AGAIN.

The real H-bomb aka Matty Harvey is the TRUTH when he toes the rubber every 5th day for the Metropolitans of NY. The Mets have found themselves a true ace among the pile they stick in the back-end of their rotation. A stud who can put legit fear in guys who shudder in the batting box waiting for the next seed that comes flailing from the golden arm o’ Harv.

Earlier this week, Matty put up a pitching line of 9IP, 1 hit (infield BS single to short), 0 BBs, 12Ks…coming away with a NO DECISION. That is what you call amateur night, population mets batters 1-8. WTF is that noise?!

Your hoss of a pitcher goes the full 9 innings with that command and control and you cannot muster up 1 GD run for the guy? For Pete’s(or Matt’s mental stability) sake, that is just unfurrrrrr (T.O. voice.) He deserves better, you don’t want him to start resenting this team or city or lineup or coaching because he always gets hung out to dry when he’s on the bump.

Do…an adequate amount MH, you my friend are pure GOLD…