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Get ya cluck on!

Cluck you Loooms!

Sorry about the FOWL language (unnecessary but necessary pun usage there) there, but I have to say that I enjoy this all cluck version over the Ho Hey played out song you hear on every bubble gum radio station across this fab nation. I got to witness the Lumineers live for a few songs before, and they were just OK. Decent vocals, sure. Dece musical abilities, why not. Nothing that will blow you away in the slightest though. Obvi no one can dance in this group so don’t expect any Chris BREEZY moves whilst on that stage. This is where those chickens come into play…

Jimmy Fallon makes pure gold a la KFC Big Bucket style with this remix, all memebers of the group dressed in ridic ‘stumes and clucking along in awes harmony that makes your toe tap-tap-tap-a-roo with the beat. Hot cameos provided by none other than Ron Swansong Swanson & Blake “not Lively” Shelton manning the mics and the beaks. Play, listen, laugh, repeat 3x.

I’ll take Fallon over that hump Leno ANY DAY O’ THA WEEK.

The Gr8 Gatsby


Finally a GOOD thing that can put Lawn Guyland on the MAP.

5/10/13 is a fab day for us all, as the much anticipated movie/best book evah drops to a theater near youuuuu (crank that soulja boy y’all.) I think this is the official start of summa swagging with the dropping of not only this GEM but also IronDudeTray(bien). 

As Lonely Island may say, DO THE CREEP and get to a spot to peep this film a sap. You know the book already, you loved it. Don’t lie. You love Leo — either a man or woman or both, we call come & meet down the middle of the aisle to agree that swooning for Leo is for WINNERS.

Hey Rose, you rule suck.