Best. Handshakes. Ever.

dom brown

Kids drawings RULE.


Welcome to the summa months where beisbol is the main focus after college lax & the NBA Finals fade away into darkness (#Avicii).

Have no fear GASP Nation! Poppa will always be here to warm up ya hearts, stir your blood, and provide kegs of booze to peculate the liver.

Speaking of baseball on the diamond — here are 2 siiiick examps of swagged out handshakes. One of which post-Dom-bombs & the other bridging the language barrier for those tricky dodgers. You be the judge of which you like betta!

Sorry I’m not sorry, my vote gets punched for Dom BREEZY…




Jenny Love Hewitt: Making Game Changing Moves In the Game of LIFE

JLH gots her man, yo.

JLH gots her man, yo.

Talk about a game changer, and I’m not even referring to her racy role whilst on Client List. JLH aka Jen Love is in the news in multiple ways:

1st of all breaking the news that she is off the market, thanks to a splendid engagement to her current lovahhhh and 2nd — she has a bun in the OVEN! Is your mind as blown as mine is right meow?Because lemme tell ya, this news is beyond a GASP-worthy reaction.

It’s wicked nice to see Jen Luv finally get her man & child in the womb right behind them going down the plank, I mean, aisle of wedded bliss. She has always been the good girl next door too, so karma has come right ’round in her case — giving all ladies in the world a chance to fist pump & click they heels in pure joy over such cray news.

I STILL know what you did last summer…gr8 flick JLH <3

'Member this bad boy?!

‘Member this bad boy?!