Jenny Love Hewitt: Making Game Changing Moves In the Game of LIFE

JLH gots her man, yo.

JLH gots her man, yo.

Talk about a game changer, and I’m not even referring to her racy role whilst on Client List. JLH aka Jen Love is in the news in multiple ways:

1st of all breaking the news that she is off the market, thanks to a splendid engagement to her current lovahhhh and 2nd — she has a bun in the OVEN! Is your mind as blown as mine is right meow?Because lemme tell ya, this news is beyond a GASP-worthy reaction.

It’s wicked nice to see Jen Luv finally get her man & child in the womb right behind them going down the plank, I mean, aisle of wedded bliss. She has always been the good girl next door too, so karma has come right ’round in her case — giving all ladies in the world a chance to fist pump & click they heels in pure joy over such cray news.

I STILL know what you did last summer…gr8 flick JLH <3

'Member this bad boy?!

‘Member this bad boy?!

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