Spurs Snipe Series Showdown?

This is whatcha call FILTHY.

This is whatcha call FILTHY.

Perhaps, perhaps chaps and dames. The tricky spurs surged out to a 1-0 lead on the Heat of MeeAhhMee. Stealing game 1, on the road, against the MVP of the NBA slash bestest playa in the whole league in Lebreezy James is KINDA a big dealio, no lies hurrr.

Awfully impressive performance by a team that continually shows up YoY even though their core 3 has the median age of a brontosaurus. Timmy buckets Duncan plus Tony walk in the Parker plus Manu noble Ginobili equals nothing but the best and continue to flourish at a robust level.

That 3 > the BS 3 that the Heat cheaply churned out for their free agent signings. The way the Spurs play basketball, at the steering of cooler-than-the-other-side-of-the-pillow Coach Pop, is something that even the casual viewer needs to keep their peepers glued on. He somehow always finds a way to plug these random cats out on the court that compliment these 3 stallions and keep the engine chuggin’ along like Thomas The Tank.

Game 2 is on Sunday night at 8pm, so set your nap sched accordingly so you can stay up late snugglin in bed enjoying another hard-fought battle of titans on the hardwood. Predic you may ask? Ugh, Heat have to take this one down. No chance they go down 0-2 at home…….right?!

Spurs are Smooooooooth like Keystone some may even mutter. Delish.

Ball so hard, this series crayyyy

Ball so hard, this series crayyyy

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