Miley Pumpin Em Out!


Can’t stop WONT STOP

I ain’t talkin about no babies neitha…she very recently dropped this spicy little beat “We Can’t Stop” to accompany her spicy little pistol body she is growing into day ova day I may add.

Y’all must agree, she is totes ramping up her hotnizz. Her stems are getting in the same company as TayTay for having legs that simply do not quit. Anywho, I digress.


This track is insanely catchy, instant toe tapper (a la like playing Sonic The Hedgehog & you don’t move him after awhile and he gets salty, taps his toes waiting for ya, yeah, in that way,) and will probs be crushing it on iTunes/Billboard for weeks to come.

Let ya ears get in the mix with this ever-so-addicting beat & send all thank you calls to my cellie: 911. THIS IS FIREEEEE FLAMES.

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