Penn Badgley Dating Zoe Kravitz? Kiss The Baby

No more playing just the tip.

No more playing just the tip.

They are dunzo y’all. Get out the pint of ice cream, the Adele mixtapes, and ready the fetal position for GASP-like news like this one. They did have a nice run while it lasted though, gotta enjoy every moment whilst in them am I right or am I RIGHT?!

Sorrow goes out to both these cats, especially my boy slash meatlove foshow Penn Badg. The guy dated Blake “we’ll do it” LIVE-ly for mad deep only to then have a messy breakup and see her run to Canadians finest in Ryan Reynolds. That HAS to be a taylor swift kick to the pants.

Ouchtown: population Badgley.

Hang tight brotha. You need to hop on another juicy show a la Hossip Girl and just put in work with the up n comin’ actress starlets. Get in the MIXXX.

As for Zoe — keep on trying to “find yourself” and get away from your awk Dad’s so-called swag and see what other bois can poss “turn it up” for you.

Jeah Jeah JEAHHHHHH, hit me up Penn to paint the town RED…

Target logo? Might as well be a bulls-eye...

Target logo? Might as well be a bulls-eye…

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