Game 3 Of NBA Finals Was Gr8

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Game 4: Thursday 9p y’all.

Bahahahahahah LeBron.

It was so cute seeing him to try to shoot the rock last night. Borderline adorbs some may say too. That chump got absolutely schooled, along with the rest of the Heat skells, by the likes of none other than Danny “Long Island rep’n” Green & Gary “3 ball so hard” Neal. How bout them APPLES?!?

The 1st half was actually a fair and even battle for the most part, but a clutch ending to the 1st half by SAS in nailing 2 triples right as the horn went a-blazing that the 2nd quarter has been completed. Gave the Spurs a 6 point lead that they would never look back on, exploding out the gate in the 3rd quarter.

None better than seeing the unlikely batman n robin duo of Green & Neal. These are 2 studs who got their lucky break on this championship caliber spur squad. Can Pop coach or wutttttt. Geez, just such a manimal.

Danny G, product of LI & the CHSAA program then went onto the best college hoops lineage of UNC Tar Heels where he continued his fab career. He was more of a role player on a deep UNC squad and seemed like he would be lucky just to get a sniff at the “show.” Welp, he is more than sniffing now, the kid is snorting the competition & the Heat are his latest conquer.

He leads ALL SCORERS through the first 3 games of these NBA Finals. There are 2 diff Big 3s in this series too, he’s got ‘em all by his sweet stroke from the land of plenty. MVP candidate? You betcha.

What a ride down the LI Expressway towards San Anton that would be for Danny boy.

I coach, you score. Deal?

I coach, you score. Deal?

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