Selena Gomez: “I’m single & available in every way”

Just like her song...come and get it

Just like her song…come and get it

Welp, who ever said Monday was no bueno? Well, they usually always are quite musty but this Monday packs a serious punch/wake-up call with this GASP-worthy news.

Not only is SGo in MeeAhhMee getting her tan & bikini-2step on & poppin’, she recently dropped the hammer about how she is single, no longer with the Biebs, and is obvi ready to move on to other potench dudes (spoiler alert: it’s me, so step off Leo…)

We all have been down this road before, and who knows how long this “break” will last, but the good news is that she’s moving on. Time to set the clocks ahead and get in the mix outside of the biebsworld.

Single Selena es mas fina.

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