Buff Bills New GM? Did Titus Young Get Arrested (Development)?!?

Mehhh seeee

3rd time, lets do ittttttt

Quick NFL News & Notes for 5.13.13 

Buffalo:  The Buffalo Bills announced Monday that Buddy Nix stepped down from his role as Executive Vice President/General Manager and will transition to Special Assistant. The move comes just three weeks after team president Russ Brandon said, “Buddy Nix is our general manager and will be for a long time.”

Summary = Nix is a clown, not worthy of this title, Bills can do better than have him calling the shots

Detroit/STL/prison: Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Joe Balicki said the Lions’ 2011 second round draft pick allegedly attempted to break into a San Clemente home Friday night, then led deputies on a foot chase and engaged them in a fist fight before being arrested.

Summary = This guy needs some serious mental help. Lock him in a facility for weeks on end until he stops being a skell. He has the talent to be a fierce WR but nobody in the ‘show will wanna deal with these types of Tom Foolery. Cris Carter somewhere is screaming in his sleep “COME ONnNNnnNNn MAAAAAAnnnnnnnn”

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