Best. Handshakes. Ever.

dom brown

Kids drawings RULE.


Welcome to the summa months where beisbol is the main focus after college lax & the NBA Finals fade away into darkness (#Avicii).

Have no fear GASP Nation! Poppa will always be here to warm up ya hearts, stir your blood, and provide kegs of booze to peculate the liver.

Speaking of baseball on the diamond — here are 2 siiiick examps of swagged out handshakes. One of which post-Dom-bombs & the other bridging the language barrier for those tricky dodgers. You be the judge of which you like betta!

Sorry I’m not sorry, my vote gets punched for Dom BREEZY…




NBA Final 4 Roundup: GASP Style Y’all

How to pass the ballie in the right sitch

How to pass the ballie in the right sitch

Cheers to the NBA Final 4 being here and boy is it coming in awfully HOT HOT HOT with these spicy match ups thus far. 

Miami up 1-0 on Indiana

Spurs up 2-0 on those Grizz

 Last night was a true thrilling game between the Heat boys and the hard fightin’ ‘Cers of Pawnee Indiana. Literally came down to a buzzer beater by, GUESS WHO, LeBreezy. His layup with no time left on the clock sunk the Pacers from trying to steal a game which seemed unfathomable from the tip-off. Credit goes to the short-handed Pacers who are not only without their best player in Danny Granger, but for going into Miami without backing down/coming fully to play. Went toe 2 toe with the big 3 from El Heat too, alas just a tad short in this one. We may have to ponder, think, rationalize if this is the closest they shall get? Will the continue to battle those cats on the boards to stave off being swept? All great questions, to which the answers are:


As for that SAS/Memph battle, it is rather surprising that the Spurs have that 2-0 lead thus far. Sure they were home and the higher seed, but still, wow. They stillllllllllllllll got it kiddies. Never doubt that nucleus there in big TX. Those playas don’t mess around when the calendars turn to May & June. BUT…I still think that Memphis takes both of their home contests to nod this baby back up at deuces all around/best of 3 series where anything is posssiblllleeeeee: 


Keep ya peepers on the Zbo/Marc combo down low to eventually wear down the aging Spurs when they ship over to snappy Tennessee for the ongoing series. Has Tony Parker been special or what though, santa mariaaaaaaaa, he’s been a true floor general, spinning & winning.

Birdman, Birdman, Birdman, Birdmannnnnn

Birdman, Birdman, Birdman, Birdmannnnnn


GASP’s NBA Playoff Summary

I’m not your bro, BRO

The NBA Playoffs has 3 of the 4 teams’ tickets punched to head to the Final 4 (we’re waiting on the winner of the 3-2 series between the Pawnee Pacers and the New Yawk Knicks(tape))

In the west, it is an exciting match up of 2 studly and efficient teams squaring off against one another: 

Memphis Grizzlies vs. San Antonio Spurs

Game 1? Sunday at 3:30p check yo local listings for the best channel to use HD in this bad boy. It’s going to be a barn-burnin series I can tell you that. 

Predic? Grizzlies in 7. Yup, I have always had a knack for the dramatics which I am more than aware of, however this is what my gut tells me. I kept going back and forth as to which team is more superior — and I still believe that the Spurs 9 outta 10 times are going to be THAT team who comes out on top. Not this time, they will get 3 Ws but not the elusive 4th which would catapult them in the Finals to play the Heat (not a spoiler alert, I loathe MeeAhhMee but lezzbserissss, they aint losing to whomever comes out the East.)

The Grizz have been playing inspired basketball on both ends of the floor. They have guys who do the little things that truly add up at the end of the ballgame where you dissect how the heck they actually got that dub. Def Playa o’ the Year in Marcy Marc Gasol has been the bees knees, no other way around that. You need a 7 foot Center who game-in & game-out puts up lines of: 38mins, 20pts, 10 rebs, 3 blocks, 2 steals, 90% FT and is a manimal in the paint like flocca flame? Well then, this is your man & he is ballin so hard. His PIC (partna in crime) is none other than that wily bloke pictured above in ZBO aka Zach Randolph. They form a dynamic duo as the PF & C that steer the Griz O from all parts of the floor. Can kick it out to MC for 3 up top or Tayshawn on the wing or can have Tony Allen clog up any lane on D to impose his swagggg.

As much as I have meatlove for Coach Pop (and there is plentyyyy to go around) for being the best coach of the decade, going to US Air Force, and YoY getting the max out of each and every player who wears that ugly Spurs jersey, I think they just fall short in comparison to what Memph brings to the table. Love ya Manu, Bonner, Danny G (LI pride), Timmy Bankshot, Tiago Cruz Splitter, and Nando de Colo (such a sweet name), but I believe the Grizz are destined in 2013.

As for the East? Much more boring unfortunately. Knicks and Pacers will battle to see who can eventually get rolled upon by Los Heat. Woof I cannot stand that team, but again, they are not losing. They will beat Knicks/Pacers in 5 games. It won’t reach 6 games altho I’m totes praying for the ole upset-a-roo. But at the end of a day, dats just wishful thinking. Heat in 5.

Hey @MemphisGrizzlies, do us all a favor and FLATTEN that herb LeBron.

Now wop wop wop wop and lemme see ya wop wop wop wop…..

Buff Bills New GM? Did Titus Young Get Arrested (Development)?!?

Mehhh seeee

3rd time, lets do ittttttt

Quick NFL News & Notes for 5.13.13 

Buffalo:  The Buffalo Bills announced Monday that Buddy Nix stepped down from his role as Executive Vice President/General Manager and will transition to Special Assistant. The move comes just three weeks after team president Russ Brandon said, “Buddy Nix is our general manager and will be for a long time.”

Summary = Nix is a clown, not worthy of this title, Bills can do better than have him calling the shots

Detroit/STL/prison: Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Joe Balicki said the Lions’ 2011 second round draft pick allegedly attempted to break into a San Clemente home Friday night, then led deputies on a foot chase and engaged them in a fist fight before being arrested.

Summary = This guy needs some serious mental help. Lock him in a facility for weeks on end until he stops being a skell. He has the talent to be a fierce WR but nobody in the ‘show will wanna deal with these types of Tom Foolery. Cris Carter somewhere is screaming in his sleep “COME ONnNNnnNNn MAAAAAAnnnnnnnn”

Do More, Do Less, Do…Adequate Amount (Sports Version)

Do MORE:  Derrick Rose, Chitown Bulls

Simba with the ASSIST

Bulls nation cannot be salty about their teams performance YTD (year 2 date.) They had battled injuries from pretty much everyone who laced up their kicks this season at some point — laughing at notion of panic/stress that was staring them squarely in they grills. Aint no thanggggggg.

But now that they have advanced to rd 2, it’s time to put on the big-boy pants. It’s Win Or Go Home time of the year. This message cannot be any louder than the guy who is pictured above, their franchise, their MVP DReezy aka Derrick Rose.

The balla hasn’t played at all this season. Not a lick, not 1 min, nada. On equal footing as Andrew Bynum for the year…you never want to be lumped in the same PAGE let alone same sentence as that skell. But dude, you have a bulls-eye on ya back meow. He’s been medically cleared for MONTHS to this point. Not 1 day, multiple months. You see him practicing fully with Simba the team & not reporting any setbacks. He does pregame shooting and run-throughs. WHATCHA WAITING FOR??!!

Do More or else Chuck Barkley is gonna come for ya…

Do LESS:  Sidney Crosby, Pitts Pens


This guy makes my skin crawl, no other way around it.

Anyone shall admit how talented, gifted, truly special Sid The Kid is when he puts on his skates in the NHL. 0 doubt there, not looking to put any sorta doubt into that notion. 

My so-called “beef” with him is the amount of scoring and whining/soft serve he puts in at nightly basis, especially vs. my beloved NY eye-lin-derz in the current 1st round playoff series #1 vs #8 seeds. Of course he finds the perf timing to come back from his injury just as the Pens get in the mix with the Isles to have an immed impact on O. Scoring, assists, you name it. The guy is everywhere you turn with that musty face-mask of a helmet. Last night he almost single-handily could have bested los islanders with his stick skillz. No bueno to watch that ish, thats foshow. On top of that, he flops & cries after seemingly everytime he is touched — as if he think he be God on that ice. Nah Kid Sid, nah bro.

Pls Do Less in the scoring & salty dep’t.

Do…Adequate Amount:  Matt Harvey, NY Mets

Get the kid a napkin woodja?!?!

Think watching a .500 W% team is boring? Well GUESS AGAIN.

The real H-bomb aka Matty Harvey is the TRUTH when he toes the rubber every 5th day for the Metropolitans of NY. The Mets have found themselves a true ace among the pile they stick in the back-end of their rotation. A stud who can put legit fear in guys who shudder in the batting box waiting for the next seed that comes flailing from the golden arm o’ Harv.

Earlier this week, Matty put up a pitching line of 9IP, 1 hit (infield BS single to short), 0 BBs, 12Ks…coming away with a NO DECISION. That is what you call amateur night, population mets batters 1-8. WTF is that noise?!

Your hoss of a pitcher goes the full 9 innings with that command and control and you cannot muster up 1 GD run for the guy? For Pete’s(or Matt’s mental stability) sake, that is just unfurrrrrr (T.O. voice.) He deserves better, you don’t want him to start resenting this team or city or lineup or coaching because he always gets hung out to dry when he’s on the bump.

Do…an adequate amount MH, you my friend are pure GOLD…